Dear Shelly,

My cat has this daily habit of tearing around the house, bouncing off walls, racing from room to room, and skittering across furniture. He yowls when he does this. Normally my cat is the laziest, calmest animal in the world, he doesn't even play with toys or stalk things. It's pretty crazy to watch. Do you know why, or advice to figure it out?

Psycho Cat Owner (parse that as you will)

Dear Owner (or Psycho),

My cat does that too! Except, he usually does it late at night when I'm trying to go to sleep, which can be a problem.

Truth is, I've never known a cat who doesn't do that. I think of it as kitty aerobics. They lay around all day, and then they're like "fuck! I didn't get my workout in!" and they go crazy for a little bit, burn some calories, then take a nap. That, or they're chasing ghosts. They are not chasing spiders, though, if that crossed your mind. They're just not.

Which is to say that I really don't know why cats do that, but that it's normal. If you want further insight into cat behavior, you might read the book Tribe of Tiger by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. I haven't finished it yet, but I trust the person who recommended it to me and so far it's pretty readable. It's entirely possible that somewhere within that book you will find your answer.

Kitty Love,